How LEA and CEA and NEA work together
Synergy chart of LEA and CEA and NEA

As the biggest tool in your toolbox, LEA works with the superintendent, the Director of Human Resources, principals, teachers and the community to build a better district.  We work to benefit kids by ensuring that teachers have the resources to do their jobs.

  • LEA is there when your contract and working conditions are bargained.
  • LEA is there to ensure a fair, transparent evaluation system for educators.
  • LEA is there to provide additional teaching and learning opportunities with excellent professional development.
  • LEA is there when issues arise among faculty and staff or with administration.
  • LEA is there to be your voice on big issues so that you can focus on teaching.

CEA works with the Governor and the Legislature to shape statewide education policy.  CEA also works with vendors across the state to get discounts on purchases to save you money.  The legal team at CEA is the best in the state, dedicated to protecting you so that you can protect kids and their learning.

NEA works at the national level with Congress, the President and the Secretary of Education in shaping national policy.  NEA MB works to bring savings to AEA members on everyday purchases, auto, home, and life insurances, travel discounts, online degrees, and much more that meet the high standards NEA members have come to expect.