School Board of Education

Littleton Colorado
Robert Reichardt

Robert Reichardt

Littleton Board President

Board President
Elected November 2015-November 2023
Voice Mail: 303-347-3506

Jack Reutzel

Littleton Board Secretary

Elected November 2013-November 2021
Voice mail: 303-347-3510

jack reutzel portrait

Kelly Perez

Kelly Perez

Board of Education Vice President

Elected November 2013-November 2021
Voice Mail: 303-347-3508

Lindley McCrary

Board of Education Treasurer

Elected November 2019-November 2023
Voice Mail: 303-347-3507

Angela Christensen

Littleton Board Assistant Secretary

Board Appointed March-November 2021

Voice Mail 303-347-3517


Representing Community Interests

The Littleton Public Schools Board of Education consists of five members elected to serve, without compensation, for overlapping terms of four years. Elections are held in November every two years. The Board members serve at-large and following the election, officers are selected for president,  vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and assistant secretary.

The Board of Education is responsible for carrying out the mandatory laws of the state and where federal and state laws do not prohibit, the Board is authorized to establish and appraise district educational activities. The Board considers its most important functions to be in the categories of:

  •  Employment of superintendent
  •  Legislative or policymaking
  •  Educational planning and appraisal
  •  Staffing and appraisal
  •  Financial resources
  •  School facilities
  •  Communications with the public
  •  Judicial