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About LEA

Our members are  teachers and special service providers whose mission is to create great public schools for every child in Littleton. We’re all about getting Littleton’s educators and public schools the tools and support they need to help every student succeed, whether it’s through lobbying in Annapolis for school funding and a secure retirement, bargaining competitive salaries, fair, transparent evaluations, and better working conditions at the local negotiating table, providing legal aid and expertise whenever needed, or ensuring access to meaningful professional development and training.

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When you belong to the Littleton Education Association, you get representation at the local, state, and national levels. Your interests as an educator are being heard by the right people in the right places.

  • LEA negotiates your contracts and makes sure your employee rights are upheld, We are committed to making sure teacher voices help shape an evaluation system that is best for teachers and students..
  • CEA provides lawyers, lobbyists, communications, and other specialists to support the needs of members and local associations.
  • NEA advocates for school funding and reforms in federal law and aids state associations, such as CEA, through organizing, legislative, and financial support.

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Do you have questions about education issues, teacher evaluations, contracts, co-worker issues, or questions about joining LEA?
If so, write to us or call during business hours.