Littleton School Board Recommendations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                   
October 11, 2021

Littleton Education Association Issues Secondary Recommendations for
LPS School Board

Last month the Littleton Education Association (LEA) issued primary recommendations of Joan
Anderssen and Angela Christensen for School Board of Littleton Public Schools.

Acknowledging the fact that there are five candidates for the three open seats on the LPS School
Board this year, the LEA Small Donor Committee requested further information from Jon Lisec
and Andrew Graham, and also encouraged LEA members to watch the live-streamed candidate
forum on October 6, then share their opinions regarding further candidate recommendations.

After considering all available information about Jon Lisec and Andrew Graham, the committee
has been unable to reach consensus on one single further recommendation. Thus, the committee
maintains its primary recommendations of Joan Anderssen and Angela Christensen, and
secondarily recommends either Jon Lisec or Andrew Graham for the third open seat. We
encourage all LEA members and LPS voters to read the candidates’ personal responses to the
media questionnaire that was printed in the Littleton Independent / Centennial Citizen on
Tuesday, October 5 before choosing their third preferred candidate. With five candidates in this
race, it is vital that those who live in LPS cast three votes for the three open seats.

LEA is the professional organization for the teachers and special service providers who work in
Littleton Public Schools. Its recommendations were made by a committee of member educators.